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Henley Royal Regatta Qualifying Races 2006
We've done our best to identify crews correctly.
Please let us know if you spot any mistakes.
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429 M Pauls (Imperial Col London)
429 M Pauls (Imperial Col London)
431 MR Sage (Mortlake) 
431 MR Sage (Mortlake)
406 S Davies (Mercantile Australia) 
406 S Davies (Mercantile Australia)HQR_06_0001, HQR_06_0002, HQR_06_0003, HQR_06_0004, HQR_06_0005, HQR_06_0006, HQR_06_0007, HQR_06_0008, HQR_06_0012, HQR_06_0013, HQR_06_0014, HQR_06_0015
412 PR Houlston (Nottingham Britannia) 
412 PR Houlston (Nottingham Britannia)HQR_06_0016, HQR_06_0017, HQR_06_0018, HQR_06_0019, HQR_06_0020, HQR_06_0021, HQR_06_0022, HQR_06_0023, HQR_06_0024, HQR_06_0025, HQR_06_0028, HQR_06_0029, HQR_06_0030, HQR_06_0031
413 IEL Jones (Grosvenor) 
413 IEL Jones (Grosvenor)HQR_06_0032, HQR_06_0033, HQR_06_0034, HQR_06_0035, HQR_06_0036, HQR_06_0037, HQR_06_0038, HQR_06_0040, HQR_06_0041, HQR_06_0042, HQR_06_0043, HQR_06_0044
414 WJ King (Thames) 
414 WJ King (Thames)HQR_06_0045, HQR_06_0046, HQR_06_0047, HQR_06_0048, HQR_06_0049, HQR_06_0050, HQR_06_0051, HQR_06_0052, HQR_06_0053, HQR_06_0057, HQR_06_0058, HQR_06_0059, HQR_06_0060
415 AJ Maitland (Bournemouth Univ) 
415 AJ Maitland (Bournemouth Univ)HQR_06_0061, HQR_06_0062, HQR_06_0063, HQR_06_0064, HQR_06_0065, HQR_06_0066, HQR_06_0067, HQR_06_0068, HQR_06_0069, HQR_06_0070, HQR_06_0073, HQR_06_0074, HQR_06_0075
419 GCS Smith (Cambridge 99) 
419 GCS Smith (Cambridge 99)HQR_06_0077, HQR_06_0078, HQR_06_0079, HQR_06_0080, HQR_06_0081, HQR_06_0082, HQR_06_0083, HQR_06_0084, HQR_06_0085, HQR_06_0086, HQR_06_0087, HQR_06_0088, HQR_06_0091, HQR_06_0092, HQR_06_0093, HQR_06_0094
234 Agecroft 
234 AgecroftHQR_06_0095, HQR_06_0096, HQR_06_0097, HQR_06_0098, HQR_06_0099, HQR_06_0100, HQR_06_0101, HQR_06_0102, HQR_06_0103, HQR_06_0104, HQR_06_0105, HQR_06_0106, HQR_06_0107, HQR_06_0108, HQR_06_0109, HQR_06_0110, HQR_06_0111, HQR_06_0112, HQR_06_0113, HQR_06_0114
236 Burton Leander 
236 Burton LeanderHQR_06_0115, HQR_06_0116, HQR_06_0117, HQR_06_0118, HQR_06_0119, HQR_06_0120, HQR_06_0121, HQR_06_0122, HQR_06_0123, HQR_06_0124, HQR_06_0125, HQR_06_0126, HQR_06_0128, HQR_06_0129, HQR_06_0130
237 Cardiff City 
237 Cardiff CityHQR_06_0132, HQR_06_0133, HQR_06_0134, HQR_06_0135, HQR_06_0136, HQR_06_0137, HQR_06_0138, HQR_06_0139, HQR_06_0140, HQR_06_0141, HQR_06_0142, HQR_06_0143, HQR_06_0144, HQR_06_0145, HQR_06_0146, HQR_06_0147, HQR_06_0148, HQR_06_0149, HQR_06_0150, HQR_06_0151
238 City of Cambridge 
238 City of CambridgeHQR_06_0152, HQR_06_0153, HQR_06_0154, HQR_06_0155, HQR_06_0156, HQR_06_0157, HQR_06_0158, HQR_06_0159, HQR_06_0163
239 City of Oxford 
239 City of OxfordHQR_06_0164, HQR_06_0165, HQR_06_0166, HQR_06_0167, HQR_06_0168, HQR_06_0169, HQR_06_0170, HQR_06_0171, HQR_06_0172, HQR_06_0173, HQR_06_0174, HQR_06_0175, HQR_06_0176, HQR_06_0177, HQR_06_0178, HQR_06_0179
243 London 
243 London
244 Loughborough Students A 
244 Loughborough Students AHQR_06_0180, HQR_06_0181, HQR_06_0182, HQR_06_0183, HQR_06_0184, HQR_06_0185, HQR_06_0186, HQR_06_0187, HQR_06_0188, HQR_06_0189, HQR_06_0190, HQR_06_0191, HQR_06_0192, HQR_06_0193, HQR_06_0194, HQR_06_0195, HQR_06_0196
245 Loughborough Students B 
245 Loughborough Students BHQR_06_0197, HQR_06_0198, HQR_06_0199, HQR_06_0200, HQR_06_0201, HQR_06_0202, HQR_06_0203, HQR_06_0204, HQR_06_0205, HQR_06_0206, HQR_06_0207, HQR_06_0209, HQR_06_0210, HQR_06_0211, HQR_06_0212, HQR_06_0213
246 Maidenhead 
246 MaidenheadHQR_06_0214, HQR_06_0215, HQR_06_0216, HQR_06_0217, HQR_06_0218, HQR_06_0219, HQR_06_0220, HQR_06_0221, HQR_06_0222, HQR_06_0223, HQR_06_0224, HQR_06_0225, HQR_06_0227, HQR_06_0228, HQR_06_0229, HQR_06_0230
250 Nottingham A 
250 Nottingham AHQR_06_0231, HQR_06_0232, HQR_06_0233, HQR_06_0234, HQR_06_0235, HQR_06_0236, HQR_06_0237, HQR_06_0238, HQR_06_0239, HQR_06_0240, HQR_06_0241, HQR_06_0242, HQR_06_0243, HQR_06_0244, HQR_06_0245, HQR_06_0246
251 Nottingham B 
251 Nottingham BHQR_06_0249, HQR_06_0250, HQR_06_0251, HQR_06_0252, HQR_06_0253, HQR_06_0254, HQR_06_0255, HQR_06_0256, HQR_06_0257, HQR_06_0258, HQR_06_0259
254 Rob Roy 
254 Rob RoyHQR_06_0261, HQR_06_0262, HQR_06_0263, HQR_06_0264, HQR_06_0265, HQR_06_0266, HQR_06_0267, HQR_06_0268, HQR_06_0271, HQR_06_0272, HQR_06_0273, HQR_06_0274
255 Royal Chester and Liverpool Victoria 
255 Royal Chester and Liverpool VictoriaHQR_06_0275, HQR_06_0276, HQR_06_0277, HQR_06_0278, HQR_06_0279, HQR_06_0280, HQR_06_0281, HQR_06_0282, HQR_06_0283, HQR_06_0284, HQR_06_0285, HQR_06_0288, HQR_06_0289, HQR_06_0290, HQR_06_0291
257 Tideway Scullers Sch B 
257 Tideway Scullers Sch BHQR_06_0292, HQR_06_0293, HQR_06_0294, HQR_06_0295, HQR_06_0296, HQR_06_0297, HQR_06_0298, HQR_06_0299, HQR_06_0300, HQR_06_0301, HQR_06_0306, HQR_06_0307, HQR_06_0308, HQR_06_0309
259 Univ of London B 
259 Univ of London BHQR_06_0310, HQR_06_0311, HQR_06_0312, HQR_06_0313, HQR_06_0314, HQR_06_0315, HQR_06_0316, HQR_06_0317, HQR_06_0318, HQR_06_0319, HQR_06_0320, HQR_06_0321, HQR_06_0323, HQR_06_0324, HQR_06_0325, HQR_06_0326
198 Belfast B 
198 Belfast BHQR_06_0327, HQR_06_0328, HQR_06_0329, HQR_06_0330, HQR_06_0331, HQR_06_0332, HQR_06_0333, HQR_06_0334, HQR_06_0336, HQR_06_0340, HQR_06_0341, HQR_06_0342, HQR_06_0343
204 City of Oxford B 
204 City of Oxford BHQR_06_0344, HQR_06_0345, HQR_06_0346, HQR_06_0347, HQR_06_0348, HQR_06_0351, HQR_06_0352, HQR_06_0353, HQR_06_0354, HQR_06_0355, HQR_06_0356, HQR_06_0359, HQR_06_0360, HQR_06_0361, HQR_06_0362
215 London D 
215 London DHQR_06_0363, HQR_06_0364, HQR_06_0365, HQR_06_0366, HQR_06_0367, HQR_06_0368, HQR_06_0369, HQR_06_0370, HQR_06_0371, HQR_06_0372, HQR_06_0376, HQR_06_0377, HQR_06_0379
223 Old Monmothians 
223 Old MonmothiansHQR_06_0380, HQR_06_0381, HQR_06_0382, HQR_06_0383, HQR_06_0384, HQR_06_0385, HQR_06_0386, HQR_06_0387, HQR_06_0388, HQR_06_0390, HQR_06_0391, HQR_06_0393, HQR_06_0394, HQR_06_0395, HQR_06_0396, HQR_06_0397
228 Thames B 
228 Thames BHQR_06_0398, HQR_06_0399, HQR_06_0400, HQR_06_0401, HQR_06_0402, HQR_06_0404, HQR_06_0405, HQR_06_0408, HQR_06_0409, HQR_06_0410, HQR_06_0411, HQR_06_0413
346 Bath Univ 
346 Bath UnivHQR_06_0414, HQR_06_0415, HQR_06_0416, HQR_06_0417, HQR_06_0418, HQR_06_0419, HQR_06_0420, HQR_06_0421, HQR_06_0422, HQR_06_0423, HQR_06_0424, HQR_06_0425, HQR_06_0426, HQR_06_0427, HQR_06_0428, HQR_06_0430, HQR_06_0431, HQR_06_0432, HQR_06_0433
347 Belmont Hill Sch A USA 
347 Belmont Hill Sch A USAHQR_06_0434, HQR_06_0435, HQR_06_0436, HQR_06_0437, HQR_06_0438, HQR_06_0439, HQR_06_0440, HQR_06_0441, HQR_06_0442, HQR_06_0443, HQR_06_0444, HQR_06_0445, HQR_06_0448, HQR_06_0449, HQR_06_0450, HQR_06_0451, HQR_06_0452
348 Belmont Hill Sch B USA 
348 Belmont Hill Sch B USAHQR_06_0453, HQR_06_0454, HQR_06_0455, HQR_06_0456, HQR_06_0457, HQR_06_0458, HQR_06_0459, HQR_06_0460, HQR_06_0461, HQR_06_0462, HQR_06_0463, HQR_06_0464, HQR_06_0465, HQR_06_0466, HQR_06_0467, HQR_06_0471, HQR_06_0472, HQR_06_0473, HQR_06_0474, HQR_06_0475
349 Collingwood Col Durham 
349 Collingwood Col DurhamHQR_06_0476, HQR_06_0477, HQR_06_0478, HQR_06_0479, HQR_06_0480, HQR_06_0481, HQR_06_0482, HQR_06_0483, HQR_06_0484, HQR_06_0488, HQR_06_0489, HQR_06_0490
350 Dulwich Col 
350 Dulwich ColHQR_06_0491, HQR_06_0492, HQR_06_0493, HQR_06_0494, HQR_06_0495, HQR_06_0496, HQR_06_0498, HQR_06_0500, HQR_06_0501, HQR_06_0502, HQR_06_0503, HQR_06_0504, HQR_06_0505
352 Durham Univ B 
352 Durham Univ BHQR_06_0506, HQR_06_0507, HQR_06_0508, HQR_06_0509, HQR_06_0510, HQR_06_0511, HQR_06_0512, HQR_06_0513, HQR_06_0514, HQR_06_0515, HQR_06_0516, HQR_06_0517, HQR_06_0521, HQR_06_0522, HQR_06_0523
353 Edinburgh Univ 
353 Edinburgh UnivHQR_06_0524, HQR_06_0525, HQR_06_0526, HQR_06_0527, HQR_06_0528, HQR_06_0529, HQR_06_0530, HQR_06_0531, HQR_06_0532, HQR_06_0533, HQR_06_0536, HQR_06_0537, HQR_06_0538, HQR_06_0539
354 Goldie 
354 GoldieHQR_06_0540, HQR_06_0541, HQR_06_0542, HQR_06_0543, HQR_06_0544, HQR_06_0545, HQR_06_0546, HQR_06_0547, HQR_06_0549, HQR_06_0552, HQR_06_0553, HQR_06_0554, HQR_06_0555, HQR_06_0556
358 Kent Sch USA 
358 Kent Sch USAHQR_06_0557, HQR_06_0558, HQR_06_0559, HQR_06_0560, HQR_06_0561, HQR_06_0562, HQR_06_0563, HQR_06_0564, HQR_06_0565, HQR_06_0566, HQR_06_0568, HQR_06_0569, HQR_06_0571, HQR_06_0572, HQR_06_0573, HQR_06_0574, HQR_06_0575
359 Liverpool Univ 
359 Liverpool UnivHQR_06_0576, HQR_06_0577, HQR_06_0578, HQR_06_0579, HQR_06_0580, HQR_06_0581, HQR_06_0582, HQR_06_0583, HQR_06_0584, HQR_06_0585, HQR_06_0586, HQR_06_0587, HQR_06_0588, HQR_06_0589, HQR_06_0590, HQR_06_0591
360 Lower Merion High Sch USA 
360 Lower Merion High Sch USAHQR_06_0592, HQR_06_0593, HQR_06_0594, HQR_06_0595, HQR_06_0596, HQR_06_0597, HQR_06_0598, HQR_06_0600, HQR_06_0603, HQR_06_0604, HQR_06_0605, HQR_06_0606
362 Manchester Univ 
362 Manchester UnivHQR_06_0607, HQR_06_0608, HQR_06_0609, HQR_06_0610, HQR_06_0611, HQR_06_0612, HQR_06_0613, HQR_06_0614, HQR_06_0615, HQR_06_0616, HQR_06_0617, HQR_06_0619, HQR_06_0620, HQR_06_0621, HQR_06_0622, HQR_06_0623
363 Queens Univ Belfast 
363 Queens Univ BelfastHQR_06_0624, HQR_06_0625, HQR_06_0626, HQR_06_0627, HQR_06_0628, HQR_06_0629, HQR_06_0630, HQR_06_0631, HQR_06_0632, HQR_06_0633, HQR_06_0634, HQR_06_0635, HQR_06_0636, HQR_06_0637, HQR_06_0638, HQR_06_0639, HQR_06_0640, HQR_06_0641, HQR_06_0642, HQR_06_0643
365 Reading Univ B 
365 Reading Univ BHQR_06_0644, HQR_06_0645, HQR_06_0646, HQR_06_0647, HQR_06_0648, HQR_06_0649, HQR_06_0650, HQR_06_0651, HQR_06_0652, HQR_06_0653, HQR_06_0654, HQR_06_0655, HQR_06_0656, HQR_06_0657, HQR_06_0658, HQR_06_0659, HQR_06_0660, HQR_06_0661, HQR_06_0662, HQR_06_0663
366 St Aidans Col Durham 
366 St Aidans Col DurhamHQR_06_0655, HQR_06_0656, HQR_06_0657, HQR_06_0658, HQR_06_0659, HQR_06_0660, HQR_06_0661, HQR_06_0662, HQR_06_0663
367 Selwyn Col Cambridge 
367 Selwyn Col CambridgeHQR_06_0679, HQR_06_0680, HQR_06_0681, HQR_06_0682, HQR_06_0683, HQR_06_0684, HQR_06_0685, HQR_06_0686, HQR_06_0687, HQR_06_0689, HQR_06_0690, HQR_06_0691, HQR_06_0692, HQR_06_0693, HQR_06_0694, HQR_06_0695
368 Shrewsbury Sch 
368 Shrewsbury SchHQR_06_0696, HQR_06_0697, HQR_06_0698, HQR_06_0699, HQR_06_0700, HQR_06_0701, HQR_06_0702, HQR_06_0703, HQR_06_0704, HQR_06_0705, HQR_06_0706, HQR_06_0707, HQR_06_0708, HQR_06_0709, HQR_06_0710, HQR_06_0711
369 University Col Durham 
369 University Col DurhamHQR_06_0712, HQR_06_0713, HQR_06_0714, HQR_06_0715, HQR_06_0716, HQR_06_0717, HQR_06_0718, HQR_06_0719, HQR_06_0720, HQR_06_0721, HQR_06_0722, HQR_06_0723, HQR_06_0724, HQR_06_0725, HQR_06_0726
370 Univ of Bristol 
370 Univ of BristolHQR_06_0727, HQR_06_0728, HQR_06_0729, HQR_06_0730, HQR_06_0731, HQR_06_0732, HQR_06_0733, HQR_06_0734, HQR_06_0735, HQR_06_0736, HQR_06_0737, HQR_06_0738, HQR_06_0739, HQR_06_0740, HQR_06_0741, HQR_06_0742
373 Univ of London B 
373 Univ of London BHQR_06_0743, HQR_06_0744, HQR_06_0745, HQR_06_0746, HQR_06_0747, HQR_06_0748, HQR_06_0749, HQR_06_0750, HQR_06_0751, HQR_06_0752, HQR_06_0753, HQR_06_0754, HQR_06_0755, HQR_06_0756, HQR_06_0757, HQR_06_0758, HQR_06_0759, HQR_06_0760, HQR_06_0761, HQR_06_0762
304 Henley 
304 Henley
308 Mortlake B 
308 Mortlake B
310 Oxford Brookes Univ and Newnham Col Cambridge 
310 Oxford Brookes Univ and Newnham Col Cambridge
313 Wallingford and Molesey 
313 Wallingford and Molesey
316 BTC (Southampton) 
316 BTC (Southampton)HQR_06_0763, HQR_06_0764, HQR_06_0765, HQR_06_0766, HQR_06_0767, HQR_06_0768, HQR_06_0769, HQR_06_0770, HQR_06_0771, HQR_06_0772, HQR_06_0773, HQR_06_0774, HQR_06_0775, HQR_06_0776, HQR_06_0777, HQR_06_0778, HQR_06_0779, HQR_06_0780, HQR_06_0781
317 Bexhill Amateur A 
317 Bexhill Amateur AHQR_06_0782, HQR_06_0783, HQR_06_0784, HQR_06_0785, HQR_06_0786, HQR_06_0787, HQR_06_0788, HQR_06_0789, HQR_06_0790, HQR_06_0791, HQR_06_0792, HQR_06_0793, HQR_06_0794, HQR_06_0795, HQR_06_0796, HQR_06_0797, HQR_06_0798, HQR_06_0799, HQR_06_0800
318 Bexhill Amateur B 
318 Bexhill Amateur BHQR_06_0801, HQR_06_0802, HQR_06_0803, HQR_06_0804, HQR_06_0805, HQR_06_0806, HQR_06_0807, HQR_06_0808, HQR_06_0809, HQR_06_0810, HQR_06_0811, HQR_06_0812, HQR_06_0813, HQR_06_0814, HQR_06_0815, HQR_06_0816, HQR_06_0817, HQR_06_0818, HQR_06_0819, HQR_06_0820
319 Bowbridge 
319 BowbridgeHQR_06_0821, HQR_06_0822, HQR_06_0823, HQR_06_0824, HQR_06_0825, HQR_06_0826, HQR_06_0827, HQR_06_0828, HQR_06_0829, HQR_06_0830, HQR_06_0832, HQR_06_0833, HQR_06_0834, HQR_06_0835, HQR_06_0836, HQR_06_0837
320 Cantabrigian 
320 CantabrigianHQR_06_0838, HQR_06_0839, HQR_06_0840, HQR_06_0841, HQR_06_0842, HQR_06_0843, HQR_06_0844, HQR_06_0845, HQR_06_0846, HQR_06_0847, HQR_06_0848, HQR_06_0849, HQR_06_0850, HQR_06_0851, HQR_06_0852, HQR_06_0853, HQR_06_0854, HQR_06_0855
321 City of Cambridge 
321 City of Cambridge
322 City of Oxford 
322 City of OxfordHQR_06_0856, HQR_06_0857, HQR_06_0858, HQR_06_0859, HQR_06_0860, HQR_06_0861, HQR_06_0862, HQR_06_0863, HQR_06_0864, HQR_06_0865, HQR_06_0866, HQR_06_0867, HQR_06_0868, HQR_06_0869, HQR_06_0870, HQR_06_0871, HQR_06_0872, HQR_06_0873, HQR_06_0874, HQR_06_0875, HQR_06_0876, HQR_06_0877
323 Exeter 
323 ExeterHQR_06_0878, HQR_06_0879, HQR_06_0880, HQR_06_0881, HQR_06_0882, HQR_06_0883, HQR_06_0884, HQR_06_0885, HQR_06_0886, HQR_06_0887, HQR_06_0888, HQR_06_0889, HQR_06_0890, HQR_06_0891, HQR_06_0892, HQR_06_0893, HQR_06_0894
324 Furnivall 
324 FurnivallHQR_06_0895, HQR_06_0896, HQR_06_0897, HQR_06_0898, HQR_06_0899, HQR_06_0900, HQR_06_0901, HQR_06_0902, HQR_06_0903, HQR_06_0904, HQR_06_0905, HQR_06_0907, HQR_06_0908, HQR_06_0909, HQR_06_0910, HQR_06_0911, HQR_06_0912, HQR_06_0913
325 Garda Siochana Ireland 
325 Garda Siochana Ireland
326 Grosvenor A 
326 Grosvenor AHQR_06_0914, HQR_06_0915, HQR_06_0916, HQR_06_0917, HQR_06_0918, HQR_06_0919, HQR_06_0920, HQR_06_0921, HQR_06_0922, HQR_06_0923, HQR_06_0924, HQR_06_0925, HQR_06_0926, HQR_06_0927, HQR_06_0928, HQR_06_0929, HQR_06_0930, HQR_06_0931, HQR_06_0932
327 Grosvenor B 
327 Grosvenor BHQR_06_0933, HQR_06_0934, HQR_06_0935, HQR_06_0936, HQR_06_0937, HQR_06_0938, HQR_06_0939, HQR_06_0940, HQR_06_0941, HQR_06_0942, HQR_06_0943, HQR_06_0944, HQR_06_0945, HQR_06_0946, HQR_06_0947, HQR_06_0948
328 Icena Club 
328 Icena Club
331 Liverpool Victoria 
331 Liverpool VictoriaHQR_06_0949, HQR_06_0950, HQR_06_0951, HQR_06_0952, HQR_06_0953, HQR_06_0954, HQR_06_0955, HQR_06_0956, HQR_06_0957, HQR_06_0958, HQR_06_0959, HQR_06_0960, HQR_06_0961, HQR_06_0962, HQR_06_0963, HQR_06_0964, HQR_06_0965, HQR_06_0966, HQR_06_0967, HQR_06_0968, HQR_06_0969, HQR_06_0970
335 Molesey B 
335 Molesey BHQR_06_0971, HQR_06_0972, HQR_06_0973, HQR_06_0974, HQR_06_0975, HQR_06_0976, HQR_06_0977, HQR_06_0978, HQR_06_0979, HQR_06_0980, HQR_06_0981, HQR_06_0982, HQR_06_0983, HQR_06_0984, HQR_06_0985, HQR_06_0986, HQR_06_0987, HQR_06_0988
336 Northwich 
336 NorthwichHQR_06_0989, HQR_06_0990, HQR_06_0991, HQR_06_0992, HQR_06_0993, HQR_06_0994, HQR_06_0995, HQR_06_0996, HQR_06_0997, HQR_06_0998, HQR_06_0999, HQR_06_1000, HQR_06_1001, HQR_06_1002, HQR_06_1003, HQR_06_1004, HQR_06_1005, HQR_06_1006
337 Plymouth Amateur 
337 Plymouth AmateurHQR_06_1007, HQR_06_1008, HQR_06_1009, HQR_06_1010, HQR_06_1011, HQR_06_1012, HQR_06_1013, HQR_06_1014, HQR_06_1015, HQR_06_1016, HQR_06_1017, HQR_06_1018, HQR_06_1019, HQR_06_1020, HQR_06_1021, HQR_06_1022, HQR_06_1023, HQR_06_1024, HQR_06_1025, HQR_06_1026
338 Reading 
338 ReadingHQR_06_1027, HQR_06_1028, HQR_06_1029, HQR_06_1030, HQR_06_1031, HQR_06_1032, HQR_06_1033, HQR_06_1034, HQR_06_1035, HQR_06_1036, HQR_06_1037, HQR_06_1038, HQR_06_1039, HQR_06_1040, HQR_06_1041, HQR_06_1042
340 Star Club A 
340 Star Club AHQR_06_1043, HQR_06_1044, HQR_06_1045, HQR_06_1046, HQR_06_1047, HQR_06_1048, HQR_06_1049, HQR_06_1050, HQR_06_1051, HQR_06_1052, HQR_06_1053, HQR_06_1054, HQR_06_1055, HQR_06_1056, HQR_06_1057, HQR_06_1058, HQR_06_1059, HQR_06_1060, HQR_06_1061
341 Star Club B 
341 Star Club BHQR_06_1062, HQR_06_1063, HQR_06_1064, HQR_06_1065, HQR_06_1066, HQR_06_1067, HQR_06_1068, HQR_06_1069, HQR_06_1070, HQR_06_1071, HQR_06_1072, HQR_06_1073, HQR_06_1074, HQR_06_1075, HQR_06_1076
342 Thames 
342 ThamesHQR_06_1077, HQR_06_1078, HQR_06_1079, HQR_06_1080, HQR_06_1081, HQR_06_1082, HQR_06_1083, HQR_06_1084, HQR_06_1085, HQR_06_1086, HQR_06_1087, HQR_06_1088, HQR_06_1089, HQR_06_1090, HQR_06_1091, HQR_06_1092, HQR_06_1093
343 Trafford 
343 TraffordHQR_06_1094, HQR_06_1095, HQR_06_1096, HQR_06_1097, HQR_06_1098, HQR_06_1099, HQR_06_1100, HQR_06_1101, HQR_06_1102, HQR_06_1103, HQR_06_1104, HQR_06_1105, HQR_06_1106
344 Wallingford 
344 WallingfordHQR_06_1107, HQR_06_1108, HQR_06_1109, HQR_06_1110, HQR_06_1111, HQR_06_1112, HQR_06_1113, HQR_06_1114, HQR_06_1115, HQR_06_1116, HQR_06_1117, HQR_06_1118, HQR_06_1119, HQR_06_1120
165 Cambridge Univ 
165 Cambridge UnivHQR_06_1121, HQR_06_1122, HQR_06_1123, HQR_06_1124, HQR_06_1125, HQR_06_1126, HQR_06_1127, HQR_06_1128, HQR_06_1129, HQR_06_1130, HQR_06_1131, HQR_06_1132, HQR_06_1133, HQR_06_1134, HQR_06_1135, HQR_06_1136, HQR_06_1137, HQR_06_1138, HQR_06_1139, HQR_06_1140
166 City of Oxford 
166 City of OxfordHQR_06_1141, HQR_06_1142, HQR_06_1143, HQR_06_1144, HQR_06_1145, HQR_06_1146, HQR_06_1147, HQR_06_1148, HQR_06_1149, HQR_06_1150, HQR_06_1151, HQR_06_1152, HQR_06_1153, HQR_06_1154, HQR_06_1155, HQR_06_1156, HQR_06_1157, HQR_06_1158, HQR_06_1159, HQR_06_1160, HQR_06_1161
167 Durham Univ and Nottingham Univ 
167 Durham Univ and Nottingham UnivHQR_06_1162, HQR_06_1163, HQR_06_1164, HQR_06_1165, HQR_06_1166, HQR_06_1167, HQR_06_1168, HQR_06_1169, HQR_06_1170, HQR_06_1171, HQR_06_1172, HQR_06_1173, HQR_06_1174, HQR_06_1175, HQR_06_1176, HQR_06_1177, HQR_06_1178, HQR_06_1179, HQR_06_1180, HQR_06_1181, HQR_06_1182
168 Furnivall and Mortlake 
168 Furnivall and MortlakeHQR_06_1183, HQR_06_1184, HQR_06_1185, HQR_06_1186, HQR_06_1187, HQR_06_1188, HQR_06_1189, HQR_06_1190, HQR_06_1191, HQR_06_1192, HQR_06_1193, HQR_06_1194, HQR_06_1195, HQR_06_1196, HQR_06_1197, HQR_06_1198, HQR_06_1199, HQR_06_1200, HQR_06_1201, HQR_06_1203, HQR_06_1204, HQR_06_1205, HQR_06_1206, HQR_06_1207, HQR_06_1208
170 Imperial Col London 
170 Imperial Col LondonHQR_06_1209, HQR_06_1210, HQR_06_1211, HQR_06_1212, HQR_06_1213, HQR_06_1214, HQR_06_1215, HQR_06_1216, HQR_06_1217, HQR_06_1218, HQR_06_1219, HQR_06_1220, HQR_06_1221, HQR_06_1222, HQR_06_1223, HQR_06_1224, HQR_06_1225, HQR_06_1226, HQR_06_1227, HQR_06_1228, HQR_06_1229, HQR_06_1230
171 London and Vesta 
171 London and VestaHQR_06_1231, HQR_06_1232, HQR_06_1233, HQR_06_1234, HQR_06_1235, HQR_06_1236, HQR_06_1237, HQR_06_1238, HQR_06_1239, HQR_06_1240, HQR_06_1241, HQR_06_1242, HQR_06_1243, HQR_06_1244, HQR_06_1245, HQR_06_1246, HQR_06_1247, HQR_06_1248, HQR_06_1249, HQR_06_1250, HQR_06_1251, HQR_06_1252, HQR_06_1253, HQR_06_1254
172 Mortlake and Upper Thames 
172 Mortlake and Upper ThamesHQR_06_1255, HQR_06_1256, HQR_06_1257, HQR_06_1258, HQR_06_1259, HQR_06_1260, HQR_06_1261, HQR_06_1262, HQR_06_1263, HQR_06_1264, HQR_06_1265, HQR_06_1266, HQR_06_1267, HQR_06_1268, HQR_06_1269, HQR_06_1270, HQR_06_1271, HQR_06_1272, HQR_06_1273, HQR_06_1274, HQR_06_1275
173 Osiris A 
173 Osiris AHQR_06_1276, HQR_06_1277, HQR_06_1278, HQR_06_1279, HQR_06_1280, HQR_06_1281, HQR_06_1282, HQR_06_1283, HQR_06_1284, HQR_06_1285, HQR_06_1286, HQR_06_1287, HQR_06_1288, HQR_06_1289, HQR_06_1290, HQR_06_1291, HQR_06_1292, HQR_06_1293, HQR_06_1294, HQR_06_1295, HQR_06_1296, HQR_06_1297
174 Osiris B 
174 Osiris B
176 Reading 
176 ReadingHQR_06_1298, HQR_06_1299, HQR_06_1300, HQR_06_1301, HQR_06_1302, HQR_06_1303, HQR_06_1304, HQR_06_1305, HQR_06_1306, HQR_06_1307, HQR_06_1308, HQR_06_1309, HQR_06_1310, HQR_06_1311, HQR_06_1312, HQR_06_1313, HQR_06_1314, HQR_06_1315, HQR_06_1316, HQR_06_1317, HQR_06_1318
177 Thames 
177 ThamesHQR_06_1319, HQR_06_1320, HQR_06_1321, HQR_06_1322, HQR_06_1323, HQR_06_1324, HQR_06_1325, HQR_06_1326, HQR_06_1327, HQR_06_1328, HQR_06_1329, HQR_06_1330, HQR_06_1331, HQR_06_1332, HQR_06_1333, HQR_06_1334, HQR_06_1335, HQR_06_1336, HQR_06_1337
16 Auriol Kensington B 
16 Auriol Kensington B
18 Black Sheep 
18 Black SheepHQR_06_1343, HQR_06_1344, HQR_06_1345, HQR_06_1346, HQR_06_1347, HQR_06_1348, HQR_06_1349, HQR_06_1350, HQR_06_1352, HQR_06_1353, HQR_06_1354, HQR_06_1355, HQR_06_1356, HQR_06_1357, HQR_06_1358, HQR_06_1359, HQR_06_1360, HQR_06_1361
20 Cambridge 99 
20 Cambridge 99HQR_06_1362, HQR_06_1363, HQR_06_1364, HQR_06_1365, HQR_06_1366, HQR_06_1367, HQR_06_1368, HQR_06_1369, HQR_06_1370, HQR_06_1371, HQR_06_1372, HQR_06_1373, HQR_06_1374, HQR_06_1375
21 Christchurch 
21 ChristchurchHQR_06_1376, HQR_06_1377, HQR_06_1378, HQR_06_1379, HQR_06_1380, HQR_06_1381, HQR_06_1382, HQR_06_1383, HQR_06_1384, HQR_06_1385, HQR_06_1386, HQR_06_1387, HQR_06_1388, HQR_06_1389, HQR_06_1390, HQR_06_1391, HQR_06_1392, HQR_06_1393
22 City of Bristol 
22 City of BristolHQR_06_1394, HQR_06_1395, HQR_06_1396, HQR_06_1397, HQR_06_1398, HQR_06_1399, HQR_06_1400, HQR_06_1401, HQR_06_1402, HQR_06_1403, HQR_06_1404, HQR_06_1405, HQR_06_1406, HQR_06_1407, HQR_06_1408, HQR_06_1409
27 Derby 
27 DerbyHQR_06_1410, HQR_06_1411, HQR_06_1412, HQR_06_1413, HQR_06_1414, HQR_06_1415, HQR_06_1416, HQR_06_1417, HQR_06_1418, HQR_06_1419, HQR_06_1420, HQR_06_1421, HQR_06_1422, HQR_06_1423, HQR_06_1424, HQR_06_1425
29 Juniper Club 
29 Juniper ClubHQR_06_1426, HQR_06_1427, HQR_06_1428, HQR_06_1429, HQR_06_1430, HQR_06_1431, HQR_06_1432, HQR_06_1433, HQR_06_1434, HQR_06_1435, HQR_06_1436, HQR_06_1437, HQR_06_1438, HQR_06_1439, HQR_06_1440, HQR_06_1441, HQR_06_1442
31 Kingston B 
31 Kingston BHQR_06_1443, HQR_06_1444, HQR_06_1445, HQR_06_1446, HQR_06_1447, HQR_06_1448, HQR_06_1449, HQR_06_1450, HQR_06_1451, HQR_06_1452, HQR_06_1453, HQR_06_1454, HQR_06_1455, HQR_06_1456, HQR_06_1457, HQR_06_1458
32 Liverpool Victoria 
32 Liverpool VictoriaHQR_06_1459, HQR_06_1460, HQR_06_1461, HQR_06_1462, HQR_06_1463, HQR_06_1464, HQR_06_1465, HQR_06_1466, HQR_06_1467, HQR_06_1468, HQR_06_1469, HQR_06_1470, HQR_06_1471, HQR_06_1472, HQR_06_1473, HQR_06_1474, HQR_06_1475, HQR_06_1476, HQR_06_1477, HQR_06_1478, HQR_06_1479, HQR_06_1480
33 Llandaff 
33 LlandaffHQR_06_1481, HQR_06_1482, HQR_06_1483, HQR_06_1484, HQR_06_1485, HQR_06_1486, HQR_06_1487, HQR_06_1488, HQR_06_1489, HQR_06_1490, HQR_06_1491, HQR_06_1492, HQR_06_1493, HQR_06_1494, HQR_06_1495, HQR_06_1496
36 London C 
36 London CHQR_06_1497, HQR_06_1498, HQR_06_1499, HQR_06_1500, HQR_06_1501, HQR_06_1502, HQR_06_1503, HQR_06_1504, HQR_06_1505, HQR_06_1506, HQR_06_1507, HQR_06_1509, HQR_06_1510, HQR_06_1511, HQR_06_1512, HQR_06_1513, HQR_06_1514, HQR_06_1515
37 Marlow 
37 MarlowHQR_06_1516, HQR_06_1517, HQR_06_1518, HQR_06_1519, HQR_06_1520, HQR_06_1521, HQR_06_1522, HQR_06_1523, HQR_06_1524, HQR_06_1525, HQR_06_1526, HQR_06_1527, HQR_06_1528, HQR_06_1529, HQR_06_1530, HQR_06_1531
40 Mortlake B 
40 Mortlake BHQR_06_1532, HQR_06_1533, HQR_06_1534, HQR_06_1535, HQR_06_1536, HQR_06_1537, HQR_06_1538, HQR_06_1539, HQR_06_1540, HQR_06_1541, HQR_06_1542, HQR_06_1543, HQR_06_1544, HQR_06_1545, HQR_06_1546, HQR_06_1547, HQR_06_1548
43 Norwich 
43 NorwichHQR_06_1549, HQR_06_1550, HQR_06_1551, HQR_06_1552, HQR_06_1553, HQR_06_1554, HQR_06_1555, HQR_06_1556, HQR_06_1557, HQR_06_1558, HQR_06_1559, HQR_06_1560, HQR_06_1561, HQR_06_1562, HQR_06_1563, HQR_06_1564, HQR_06_1565
45 Putney Town 
45 Putney TownHQR_06_1566, HQR_06_1567, HQR_06_1568, HQR_06_1569, HQR_06_1570, HQR_06_1571, HQR_06_1572, HQR_06_1573, HQR_06_1574, HQR_06_1575, HQR_06_1576, HQR_06_1577, HQR_06_1578, HQR_06_1579, HQR_06_1580, HQR_06_1581, HQR_06_1582, HQR_06_1583
46 Reading 
46 ReadingHQR_06_1584, HQR_06_1585, HQR_06_1586, HQR_06_1587, HQR_06_1588, HQR_06_1589, HQR_06_1590, HQR_06_1591, HQR_06_1592, HQR_06_1593, HQR_06_1594, HQR_06_1595, HQR_06_1596, HQR_06_1597, HQR_06_1598
49 Southampton Coalporters 
49 Southampton CoalportersHQR_06_1599, HQR_06_1600, HQR_06_1601, HQR_06_1602, HQR_06_1603, HQR_06_1604, HQR_06_1605, HQR_06_1606, HQR_06_1607, HQR_06_1608, HQR_06_1609, HQR_06_1610, HQR_06_1611, HQR_06_1612, HQR_06_1613, HQR_06_1614, HQR_06_1615
50 Stourport 
50 StourportHQR_06_1616, HQR_06_1617, HQR_06_1618, HQR_06_1619, HQR_06_1620, HQR_06_1621, HQR_06_1622, HQR_06_1623, HQR_06_1624, HQR_06_1625, HQR_06_1626, HQR_06_1627, HQR_06_1628, HQR_06_1629, HQR_06_1630, HQR_06_1631, HQR_06_1632
51 Tees 
51 TeesHQR_06_1633, HQR_06_1634, HQR_06_1635, HQR_06_1636, HQR_06_1637, HQR_06_1638, HQR_06_1639, HQR_06_1640, HQR_06_1641, HQR_06_1642, HQR_06_1643, HQR_06_1644, HQR_06_1645, HQR_06_1646, HQR_06_1647, HQR_06_1648, HQR_06_1649, HQR_06_1650, HQR_06_1651, HQR_06_1652
53 Thames B 
53 Thames BHQR_06_1653, HQR_06_1654, HQR_06_1655, HQR_06_1656, HQR_06_1657, HQR_06_1658, HQR_06_1659, HQR_06_1660, HQR_06_1661, HQR_06_1662, HQR_06_1663, HQR_06_1664, HQR_06_1665, HQR_06_1666, HQR_06_1667, HQR_06_1668, HQR_06_1669, HQR_06_1670
55 Thames Tradesmens B 
55 Thames Tradesmens BHQR_06_1671, HQR_06_1672, HQR_06_1673, HQR_06_1674, HQR_06_1675, HQR_06_1676, HQR_06_1677, HQR_06_1678, HQR_06_1679, HQR_06_1680, HQR_06_1681, HQR_06_1682, HQR_06_1683, HQR_06_1684, HQR_06_1685, HQR_06_1686, HQR_06_1687
57 Twickenham 
57 TwickenhamHQR_06_1688, HQR_06_1689, HQR_06_1690, HQR_06_1691, HQR_06_1692, HQR_06_1693, HQR_06_1694, HQR_06_1695, HQR_06_1696, HQR_06_1697, HQR_06_1698, HQR_06_1699, HQR_06_1700, HQR_06_1701, HQR_06_1702, HQR_06_1703, HQR_06_1704, HQR_06_1705, HQR_06_1706, HQR_06_1707
58 Upper Thames 
58 Upper ThamesHQR_06_1708, HQR_06_1709, HQR_06_1710, HQR_06_1711, HQR_06_1712, HQR_06_1713, HQR_06_1714, HQR_06_1715, HQR_06_1716, HQR_06_1717, HQR_06_1718, HQR_06_1719, HQR_06_1720, HQR_06_1721, HQR_06_1722, HQR_06_1723
60 Vesta B 
60 Vesta BHQR_06_1724, HQR_06_1725, HQR_06_1726, HQR_06_1727, HQR_06_1728, HQR_06_1729, HQR_06_1730, HQR_06_1731, HQR_06_1732, HQR_06_1733, HQR_06_1734, HQR_06_1735, HQR_06_1736, HQR_06_1737
261 Cheltenham Col 
261 Cheltenham ColHQR_06_1741, HQR_06_1742, HQR_06_1743, HQR_06_1744, HQR_06_1745, HQR_06_1746, HQR_06_1747, HQR_06_1748, HQR_06_1749, HQR_06_1750, HQR_06_1751, HQR_06_1752, HQR_06_1753, HQR_06_1754, HQR_06_1755, HQR_06_1756
263 Doncaster Schs RA 
263 Doncaster Schs RAHQR_06_1757, HQR_06_1758, HQR_06_1759, HQR_06_1760, HQR_06_1761, HQR_06_1762, HQR_06_1763, HQR_06_1764, HQR_06_1765, HQR_06_1766, HQR_06_1767, HQR_06_1768, HQR_06_1769, HQR_06_1770, HQR_06_1771, HQR_06_1772
264 Grenville Col and Exmouth 
264 Grenville Col and ExmouthHQR_06_1773, HQR_06_1774, HQR_06_1775, HQR_06_1776, HQR_06_1777, HQR_06_1778, HQR_06_1779, HQR_06_1780, HQR_06_1781, HQR_06_1784, HQR_06_1785, HQR_06_1786, HQR_06_1787, HQR_06_1788, HQR_06_1789
266 Henley and Walton 
266 Henley and WaltonHQR_06_1790, HQR_06_1791, HQR_06_1792, HQR_06_1793, HQR_06_1794, HQR_06_1795, HQR_06_1796, HQR_06_1797, HQR_06_1798, HQR_06_1799, HQR_06_1800, HQR_06_1801
268 Kingston GS 
268 Kingston GSHQR_06_1802, HQR_06_1803, HQR_06_1804, HQR_06_1805, HQR_06_1806, HQR_06_1807, HQR_06_1808, HQR_06_1809, HQR_06_1810, HQR_06_1811, HQR_06_1812, HQR_06_1813, HQR_06_1814, HQR_06_1815, HQR_06_1816, HQR_06_1817, HQR_06_1818, HQR_06_1819, HQR_06_1820
270 Llandaff 
270 LlandaffHQR_06_1821, HQR_06_1822, HQR_06_1823, HQR_06_1824, HQR_06_1825, HQR_06_1826, HQR_06_1827, HQR_06_1828, HQR_06_1829, HQR_06_1830, HQR_06_1831, HQR_06_1832, HQR_06_1833, HQR_06_1834, HQR_06_1835
272 Marlow B 
272 Marlow BHQR_06_1836, HQR_06_1837, HQR_06_1838, HQR_06_1839, HQR_06_1840, HQR_06_1841, HQR_06_1842, HQR_06_1843, HQR_06_1844, HQR_06_1845, HQR_06_1846, HQR_06_1847, HQR_06_1848, HQR_06_1849, HQR_06_1850
273 Marlow and Claires Court Sch 
273 Marlow and Claires Court SchHQR_06_1851, HQR_06_1852, HQR_06_1853, HQR_06_1854, HQR_06_1855, HQR_06_1856, HQR_06_1857, HQR_06_1858, HQR_06_1859, HQR_06_1860, HQR_06_1861, HQR_06_1862, HQR_06_1863, HQR_06_1864, HQR_06_1865, HQR_06_1866, HQR_06_1867
274 Merchant Taylors Sch A 
274 Merchant Taylors Sch A
275 Merchant Taylors Sch B 
275 Merchant Taylors Sch BHQR_06_1882, HQR_06_1883, HQR_06_1884, HQR_06_1885, HQR_06_1886, HQR_06_1887, HQR_06_1888, HQR_06_1889, HQR_06_1890, HQR_06_1891, HQR_06_1892, HQR_06_1893, HQR_06_1894, HQR_06_1895, HQR_06_1896, HQR_06_1897
276 Northwich and Grange Sch 
276 Northwich and Grange SchHQR_06_1898, HQR_06_1899, HQR_06_1900, HQR_06_1901, HQR_06_1902, HQR_06_1903, HQR_06_1904, HQR_06_1905, HQR_06_1912, HQR_06_1913, HQR_06_1914, HQR_06_1915, HQR_06_1916, HQR_06_1917, HQR_06_1918, HQR_06_1919
277 Reading and Evesham 
277 Reading and EveshamHQR_06_1920, HQR_06_1921, HQR_06_1922, HQR_06_1923, HQR_06_1924, HQR_06_1925, HQR_06_1926, HQR_06_1927, HQR_06_1928, HQR_06_1929, HQR_06_1930, HQR_06_1931
278 Royal Docks 
278 Royal DocksHQR_06_1932, HQR_06_1933, HQR_06_1934, HQR_06_1935, HQR_06_1936, HQR_06_1937, HQR_06_1938, HQR_06_1939, HQR_06_1940, HQR_06_1941, HQR_06_1942, HQR_06_1943, HQR_06_1944
279 RGS High Wycombe 
279 RGS High WycombeHQR_06_1945, HQR_06_1946, HQR_06_1947, HQR_06_1948, HQR_06_1949, HQR_06_1950, HQR_06_1951, HQR_06_1952, HQR_06_1953, HQR_06_1954, HQR_06_1955, HQR_06_1956, HQR_06_1957, HQR_06_1958
281 St Peters Sch B 
281 St Peters Sch BHQR_06_1959, HQR_06_1960, HQR_06_1961, HQR_06_1962, HQR_06_1963, HQR_06_1964, HQR_06_1965, HQR_06_1966, HQR_06_1967, HQR_06_1968, HQR_06_1969, HQR_06_1970, HQR_06_1971, HQR_06_1972, HQR_06_1973, HQR_06_1974, HQR_06_1975
283 Shiplake Col 
283 Shiplake ColHQR_06_1976, HQR_06_1977, HQR_06_1978, HQR_06_1979, HQR_06_1980, HQR_06_1981, HQR_06_1982, HQR_06_1983, HQR_06_1984, HQR_06_1985, HQR_06_1986, HQR_06_1987, HQR_06_1988, HQR_06_1989, HQR_06_1990, HQR_06_1991
284 Sir William Borlases GS 
284 Sir William Borlases GSHQR_06_1992, HQR_06_1993, HQR_06_1994, HQR_06_1995, HQR_06_1996, HQR_06_1997, HQR_06_1998, HQR_06_1999, HQR_06_2000, HQR_06_2001, HQR_06_2002, HQR_06_2003, HQR_06_2004, HQR_06_2005, HQR_06_2006, HQR_06_2007, HQR_06_2008, HQR_06_2009, HQR_06_2010
286 Stourport 
286 StourportHQR_06_2011, HQR_06_2012, HQR_06_2013, HQR_06_2014, HQR_06_2015, HQR_06_2016, HQR_06_2017, HQR_06_2018, HQR_06_2019, HQR_06_2020, HQR_06_2021, HQR_06_2022, HQR_06_2023, HQR_06_2024, HQR_06_2025, HQR_06_2026, HQR_06_2027
289 Kings Sch Ely A 
289 Kings Sch Ely AHQR_06_2028, HQR_06_2029, HQR_06_2030, HQR_06_2031, HQR_06_2032, HQR_06_2033, HQR_06_2034, HQR_06_2035, HQR_06_2036, HQR_06_2037, HQR_06_2038, HQR_06_2039, HQR_06_2040, HQR_06_2041, HQR_06_2042
290 Kings Sch Ely B 
290 Kings Sch Ely B
292 London Oratory Sch 
292 London Oratory SchHQR_06_2043, HQR_06_2044, HQR_06_2045, HQR_06_2046, HQR_06_2048, HQR_06_2049, HQR_06_2050, HQR_06_2051, HQR_06_2052, HQR_06_2053, HQR_06_2054, HQR_06_2055, HQR_06_2056, HQR_06_2057, HQR_06_2058, HQR_06_2059
293 London Oratory Sch and St Pauls Sch 
293 London Oratory Sch and St Pauls SchHQR_06_2047, HQR_06_2060, HQR_06_2061, HQR_06_2062, HQR_06_2063, HQR_06_2064, HQR_06_2065, HQR_06_2066, HQR_06_2067, HQR_06_2068, HQR_06_2069, HQR_06_2070, HQR_06_2071
296 Windsor Boys Sch B 
296 Windsor Boys Sch BHQR_06_2072, HQR_06_2073, HQR_06_2074, HQR_06_2075, HQR_06_2076, HQR_06_2077, HQR_06_2078, HQR_06_2079, HQR_06_2080, HQR_06_2081, HQR_06_2082, HQR_06_2083, HQR_06_2084, HQR_06_2085, HQR_06_2086
297 Windsor Boys Sch C 
297 Windsor Boys Sch CHQR_06_2087, HQR_06_2088, HQR_06_2089, HQR_06_2090, HQR_06_2091, HQR_06_2092, HQR_06_2093, HQR_06_2094, HQR_06_2095, HQR_06_2096, HQR_06_2097, HQR_06_2098, HQR_06_2099, HQR_06_2100, HQR_06_2101, HQR_06_2102
298 Windsor Boys Sch D 
298 Windsor Boys Sch DHQR_06_2104, HQR_06_2105, HQR_06_2106, HQR_06_2107, HQR_06_2108, HQR_06_2109, HQR_06_2110, HQR_06_2111, HQR_06_2112, HQR_06_2113, HQR_06_2114, HQR_06_2115, HQR_06_2116
299 Tiffin Sch 
299 Tiffin SchHQR_06_2117, HQR_06_2118, HQR_06_2119, HQR_06_2120, HQR_06_2121, HQR_06_2122, HQR_06_2123, HQR_06_2124, HQR_06_2125, HQR_06_2126, HQR_06_2127
301 Wycliffe Sculling Centre 
301 Wycliffe Sculling CentreHQR_06_2128, HQR_06_2129, HQR_06_2130, HQR_06_2131, HQR_06_2132, HQR_06_2133, HQR_06_2134, HQR_06_2135, HQR_06_2136, HQR_06_2137, HQR_06_2138, HQR_06_2139, HQR_06_2140, HQR_06_2141, HQR_06_2142, HQR_06_2143, HQR_06_2144, HQR_06_2145
303 Yarm Sch B 
303 Yarm Sch BHQR_06_2146, HQR_06_2147, HQR_06_2148, HQR_06_2149, HQR_06_2150, HQR_06_2151, HQR_06_2152, HQR_06_2153, HQR_06_2154, HQR_06_2155, HQR_06_2156, HQR_06_2157, HQR_06_2158, HQR_06_2159
61 Abingdon Sch 
61 Abingdon SchHQR_06_2160, HQR_06_2161, HQR_06_2162, HQR_06_2163, HQR_06_2164, HQR_06_2165, HQR_06_2166, HQR_06_2167, HQR_06_2168, HQR_06_2169, HQR_06_2170, HQR_06_2171, HQR_06_2172, HQR_06_2173, HQR_06_2174, HQR_06_2175, HQR_06_2176, HQR_06_2177, HQR_06_2178, HQR_06_2179, HQR_06_2180, HQR_06_2181, HQR_06_2182
63 Bath Univ 
63 Bath UnivHQR_06_2183, HQR_06_2184, HQR_06_2185, HQR_06_2186, HQR_06_2187, HQR_06_2188, HQR_06_2189, HQR_06_2190, HQR_06_2191, HQR_06_2192, HQR_06_2193, HQR_06_2194, HQR_06_2195, HQR_06_2196, HQR_06_2197, HQR_06_2198, HQR_06_2199, HQR_06_2200, HQR_06_2201
64 Bedford Modern Sch 
64 Bedford Modern SchHQR_06_2239, HQR_06_2240, HQR_06_2241, HQR_06_2242, HQR_06_2243, HQR_06_2244, HQR_06_2245, HQR_06_2246, HQR_06_2247, HQR_06_2248, HQR_06_2249, HQR_06_2250, HQR_06_2251, HQR_06_2252, HQR_06_2253, HQR_06_2254, HQR_06_2255, HQR_06_2256, HQR_06_2257, HQR_06_2258, HQR_06_2259
65 Bournemouth Univ A 
65 Bournemouth Univ AHQR_06_2202, HQR_06_2203, HQR_06_2204, HQR_06_2205, HQR_06_2206, HQR_06_2207, HQR_06_2208, HQR_06_2209, HQR_06_2210, HQR_06_2211, HQR_06_2212, HQR_06_2213, HQR_06_2214, HQR_06_2215, HQR_06_2216
66 Bournemouth Univ B 
66 Bournemouth Univ BHQR_06_2217, HQR_06_2218, HQR_06_2219, HQR_06_2220, HQR_06_2221, HQR_06_2222, HQR_06_2223, HQR_06_2224, HQR_06_2225, HQR_06_2226, HQR_06_2227, HQR_06_2228, HQR_06_2229, HQR_06_2230, HQR_06_2231, HQR_06_2232, HQR_06_2233, HQR_06_2234, HQR_06_2235, HQR_06_2236, HQR_06_2237, HQR_06_2238
67 Brasenose Col Oxford and Hertford Col Oxford 
67 Brasenose Col Oxford and Hertford Col OxfordHQR_06_2260, HQR_06_2261, HQR_06_2262, HQR_06_2263, HQR_06_2264, HQR_06_2265, HQR_06_2266, HQR_06_2267, HQR_06_2268, HQR_06_2269, HQR_06_2270, HQR_06_2271, HQR_06_2272, HQR_06_2273, HQR_06_2274, HQR_06_2275, HQR_06_2276, HQR_06_2277, HQR_06_2278, HQR_06_2279, HQR_06_2280, HQR_06_2281
68 Caius Col Cambridge 
68 Caius Col CambridgeHQR_06_2282, HQR_06_2283, HQR_06_2284, HQR_06_2285, HQR_06_2286, HQR_06_2287, HQR_06_2288, HQR_06_2289, HQR_06_2290, HQR_06_2291, HQR_06_2292, HQR_06_2293, HQR_06_2294, HQR_06_2295, HQR_06_2296, HQR_06_2297, HQR_06_2298, HQR_06_2299, HQR_06_2300, HQR_06_2301, HQR_06_2302, HQR_06_2303, HQR_06_2304
69 Cardiff Univ 
69 Cardiff UnivHQR_06_2305, HQR_06_2306, HQR_06_2307, HQR_06_2308, HQR_06_2309, HQR_06_2310, HQR_06_2311, HQR_06_2312, HQR_06_2313, HQR_06_2314, HQR_06_2315, HQR_06_2316, HQR_06_2317, HQR_06_2318, HQR_06_2319, HQR_06_2320, HQR_06_2321, HQR_06_2322, HQR_06_2323, HQR_06_2324, HQR_06_2325, HQR_06_2326
70 Christs Col Cambridge and Emmanuel Col Cambridge 
70 Christs Col Cambridge and Emmanuel Col CambridgeHQR_06_2327, HQR_06_2328, HQR_06_2329, HQR_06_2330, HQR_06_2331, HQR_06_2332, HQR_06_2333, HQR_06_2334, HQR_06_2335, HQR_06_2336, HQR_06_2337, HQR_06_2338, HQR_06_2339, HQR_06_2340, HQR_06_2341, HQR_06_2342, HQR_06_2343, HQR_06_2344, HQR_06_2345, HQR_06_2346, HQR_06_2347
73 Downing Col Cambridge 
73 Downing Col CambridgeHQR_06_2348, HQR_06_2349, HQR_06_2350, HQR_06_2351, HQR_06_2352, HQR_06_2353, HQR_06_2354, HQR_06_2355, HQR_06_2356, HQR_06_2357, HQR_06_2358, HQR_06_2359, HQR_06_2360, HQR_06_2361, HQR_06_2362, HQR_06_2363, HQR_06_2364, HQR_06_2365, HQR_06_2366
74 Edinburgh Univ 
74 Edinburgh UnivHQR_06_2367, HQR_06_2368, HQR_06_2369, HQR_06_2370, HQR_06_2371, HQR_06_2372, HQR_06_2373, HQR_06_2374, HQR_06_2375, HQR_06_2376, HQR_06_2377, HQR_06_2378, HQR_06_2379, HQR_06_2380, HQR_06_2381, HQR_06_2382, HQR_06_2383, HQR_06_2384, HQR_06_2385, HQR_06_2386, HQR_06_2387, HQR_06_2388, HQR_06_2389
75 Eton Col A 
75 Eton Col AHQR_06_2390, HQR_06_2391, HQR_06_2392, HQR_06_2393, HQR_06_2394, HQR_06_2395, HQR_06_2396, HQR_06_2397, HQR_06_2398, HQR_06_2399, HQR_06_2400, HQR_06_2401, HQR_06_2402, HQR_06_2403, HQR_06_2404, HQR_06_2405, HQR_06_2406, HQR_06_2407, HQR_06_2408, HQR_06_2409, HQR_06_2410, HQR_06_2411
76 Eton Col B 
76 Eton Col BHQR_06_2412, HQR_06_2413, HQR_06_2414, HQR_06_2415, HQR_06_2416, HQR_06_2417, HQR_06_2418, HQR_06_2419, HQR_06_2420, HQR_06_2421, HQR_06_2422, HQR_06_2423, HQR_06_2424, HQR_06_2425, HQR_06_2426, HQR_06_2427, HQR_06_2428, HQR_06_2429, HQR_06_2430, HQR_06_2431
77 Exeter Univ A 
77 Exeter Univ AHQR_06_2432, HQR_06_2433, HQR_06_2434, HQR_06_2435, HQR_06_2436, HQR_06_2437, HQR_06_2438, HQR_06_2440, HQR_06_2441, HQR_06_2442, HQR_06_2443, HQR_06_2444, HQR_06_2445, HQR_06_2446, HQR_06_2447, HQR_06_2448, HQR_06_2449, HQR_06_2450, HQR_06_2451, HQR_06_2452, HQR_06_2453, HQR_06_2454, HQR_06_2455
78 Exeter Univ B 
78 Exeter Univ BHQR_06_2456, HQR_06_2457, HQR_06_2458, HQR_06_2459, HQR_06_2460, HQR_06_2461, HQR_06_2462, HQR_06_2463, HQR_06_2464, HQR_06_2465, HQR_06_2466, HQR_06_2467, HQR_06_2468, HQR_06_2469, HQR_06_2470, HQR_06_2471, HQR_06_2472, HQR_06_2473, HQR_06_2474, HQR_06_2475, HQR_06_2476, HQR_06_2477
80 Hampton Sch 
80 Hampton Sch
81 Hatfield Col Durham 
81 Hatfield Col DurhamHQR_06_2478, HQR_06_2479, HQR_06_2480, HQR_06_2481, HQR_06_2482, HQR_06_2483, HQR_06_2484, HQR_06_2485, HQR_06_2486, HQR_06_2487, HQR_06_2488, HQR_06_2489, HQR_06_2490, HQR_06_2491, HQR_06_2492, HQR_06_2493, HQR_06_2494, HQR_06_2495, HQR_06_2496, HQR_06_2497
83 Jesus Col Cambridge 
83 Jesus Col CambridgeHQR_06_2498, HQR_06_2499, HQR_06_2500, HQR_06_2501, HQR_06_2502, HQR_06_2503, HQR_06_2504, HQR_06_2505, HQR_06_2506, HQR_06_2507, HQR_06_2508, HQR_06_2509, HQR_06_2510, HQR_06_2511, HQR_06_2512, HQR_06_2513, HQR_06_2514, HQR_06_2515, HQR_06_2516, HQR_06_2517
84 Kings Col Sch 
84 Kings Col SchHQR_06_2518, HQR_06_2519, HQR_06_2520, HQR_06_2521, HQR_06_2522, HQR_06_2523, HQR_06_2524, HQR_06_2525, HQR_06_2526, HQR_06_2527, HQR_06_2528, HQR_06_2529, HQR_06_2530, HQR_06_2531, HQR_06_2532, HQR_06_2533, HQR_06_2534, HQR_06_2535, HQR_06_2536, HQR_06_2537, HQR_06_2538
85 Kings Col Cambridge 
85 Kings Col CambridgeHQR_06_3149, HQR_06_3150, HQR_06_3151, HQR_06_3152, HQR_06_3153, HQR_06_3154, HQR_06_3155, HQR_06_3156, HQR_06_3157, HQR_06_3158, HQR_06_3159, HQR_06_3160, HQR_06_3161, HQR_06_3162, HQR_06_3163, HQR_06_3164, HQR_06_3165, HQR_06_3166, HQR_06_3167, HQR_06_3168, HQR_06_3169, HQR_06_3170
86 Kings Col London 
86 Kings Col LondonHQR_06_2539, HQR_06_2540, HQR_06_2541, HQR_06_2542, HQR_06_2543, HQR_06_2544, HQR_06_2545, HQR_06_2546, HQR_06_2547, HQR_06_2548, HQR_06_2549, HQR_06_2550, HQR_06_2551, HQR_06_2552, HQR_06_2553, HQR_06_2554, HQR_06_2555, HQR_06_2556, HQR_06_2557, HQR_06_2558, HQR_06_2559
87 Lady Margaret Cambridge 
87 Lady Margaret CambridgeHQR_06_2560, HQR_06_2561, HQR_06_2562, HQR_06_2563, HQR_06_2564, HQR_06_2565, HQR_06_2566, HQR_06_2567, HQR_06_2568, HQR_06_2569, HQR_06_2570, HQR_06_2571, HQR_06_2572, HQR_06_2573, HQR_06_2574, HQR_06_2575, HQR_06_2576, HQR_06_2577, HQR_06_2578, HQR_06_2579, HQR_06_2580
88 Lancaster Univ 
88 Lancaster UnivHQR_06_2581, HQR_06_2582, HQR_06_2583, HQR_06_2584, HQR_06_2585, HQR_06_2586, HQR_06_2587, HQR_06_2588, HQR_06_2589, HQR_06_2590, HQR_06_2591, HQR_06_2592, HQR_06_2593, HQR_06_2594, HQR_06_2595, HQR_06_2596, HQR_06_2597, HQR_06_2598, HQR_06_2599, HQR_06_2600, HQR_06_2601, HQR_06_2602
89 Latymer Upper Sch 
89 Latymer Upper SchHQR_06_2603, HQR_06_2604, HQR_06_2605, HQR_06_2606, HQR_06_2607, HQR_06_2608, HQR_06_2609, HQR_06_2610, HQR_06_2611, HQR_06_2612, HQR_06_2613, HQR_06_2614, HQR_06_2615, HQR_06_2616, HQR_06_2617, HQR_06_2618, HQR_06_2619, HQR_06_2620, HQR_06_2621, HQR_06_2622, HQR_06_2623
90 Leeds Univ 
90 Leeds UnivHQR_06_2624, HQR_06_2625, HQR_06_2626, HQR_06_2627, HQR_06_2628, HQR_06_2629, HQR_06_2630, HQR_06_2631, HQR_06_2632, HQR_06_2633, HQR_06_2634, HQR_06_2635, HQR_06_2636, HQR_06_2637, HQR_06_2639, HQR_06_2640, HQR_06_2641, HQR_06_2642, HQR_06_2643, HQR_06_2644, HQR_06_2645, HQR_06_2646, HQR_06_2647
91 Liverpool Univ 
91 Liverpool UnivHQR_06_2648, HQR_06_2649, HQR_06_2650, HQR_06_2651, HQR_06_2652, HQR_06_2653, HQR_06_2654, HQR_06_2655, HQR_06_2656, HQR_06_2657, HQR_06_2658, HQR_06_2659, HQR_06_2660, HQR_06_2661, HQR_06_2662, HQR_06_2663, HQR_06_2664, HQR_06_2665, HQR_06_2666, HQR_06_2667, HQR_06_2668, HQR_06_2669, HQR_06_2670
93 Loughborough Students B 
93 Loughborough Students BHQR_06_2671, HQR_06_2672, HQR_06_2673, HQR_06_2674, HQR_06_2675, HQR_06_2676, HQR_06_2677, HQR_06_2678, HQR_06_2679, HQR_06_2680, HQR_06_2681, HQR_06_2682, HQR_06_2683, HQR_06_2684, HQR_06_2685, HQR_06_2686, HQR_06_2687, HQR_06_2688, HQR_06_2689, HQR_06_2690, HQR_06_2691, HQR_06_2692, HQR_06_2693, HQR_06_2694, HQR_06_2695, HQR_06_2696
95 Manchester Univ B 
95 Manchester Univ BHQR_06_2697, HQR_06_2698, HQR_06_2699, HQR_06_2700, HQR_06_2701, HQR_06_2702, HQR_06_2703, HQR_06_2704, HQR_06_2705, HQR_06_2706, HQR_06_2707, HQR_06_2708, HQR_06_2709, HQR_06_2710, HQR_06_2711, HQR_06_2712, HQR_06_2713, HQR_06_2714, HQR_06_2715, HQR_06_2716, HQR_06_2717, HQR_06_2718, HQR_06_2719, HQR_06_2720
99 Norges Handelshíyskoles Roklubb Norway 
99 Norges Handelshíyskoles Roklubb NorwayHQR_06_2721, HQR_06_2722, HQR_06_2723, HQR_06_2724, HQR_06_2725, HQR_06_2726, HQR_06_2727, HQR_06_2728, HQR_06_2729, HQR_06_2730, HQR_06_2731, HQR_06_2732, HQR_06_2733, HQR_06_2734, HQR_06_2735, HQR_06_2736, HQR_06_2737, HQR_06_2738, HQR_06_2739, HQR_06_2740, HQR_06_2741, HQR_06_2742, HQR_06_2743
96 New Col Oxford 
96 New Col OxfordHQR_06_2744, HQR_06_2745, HQR_06_2746, HQR_06_2747, HQR_06_2748, HQR_06_2749, HQR_06_2750, HQR_06_2751, HQR_06_2752, HQR_06_2753, HQR_06_2754, HQR_06_2755, HQR_06_2756, HQR_06_2757, HQR_06_2758, HQR_06_2759, HQR_06_2760, HQR_06_2761, HQR_06_2762
98 Newcastle Univ B 
98 Newcastle Univ B
101 Nottingham Univ B 
101 Nottingham Univ BHQR_06_2763, HQR_06_2764, HQR_06_2765, HQR_06_2766, HQR_06_2767, HQR_06_2768, HQR_06_2769, HQR_06_2770, HQR_06_2771, HQR_06_2772, HQR_06_2773, HQR_06_2774, HQR_06_2775, HQR_06_2776, HQR_06_2777, HQR_06_2778, HQR_06_2779, HQR_06_2780, HQR_06_2781, HQR_06_2782, HQR_06_2783, HQR_06_2784, HQR_06_2785
103 Oxford Brookes Univ B 
103 Oxford Brookes Univ BHQR_06_2786, HQR_06_2787, HQR_06_2788, HQR_06_2789, HQR_06_2790, HQR_06_2791, HQR_06_2792, HQR_06_2793, HQR_06_2794, HQR_06_2795, HQR_06_2796, HQR_06_2797, HQR_06_2798, HQR_06_2799, HQR_06_2800, HQR_06_2801, HQR_06_2802, HQR_06_2803, HQR_06_2804, HQR_06_2805, HQR_06_2806, HQR_06_2807, HQR_06_2808
104 Pangbourne Col 
104 Pangbourne ColHQR_06_2809, HQR_06_2810, HQR_06_2811, HQR_06_2812, HQR_06_2813, HQR_06_2814, HQR_06_2815, HQR_06_2816, HQR_06_2817, HQR_06_2818, HQR_06_2819, HQR_06_2820, HQR_06_2821, HQR_06_2822, HQR_06_2823, HQR_06_2824, HQR_06_2825, HQR_06_2826, HQR_06_2827, HQR_06_2828, HQR_06_2829, HQR_06_2830, HQR_06_2831
105 Pembroke Col Cambridge 
105 Pembroke Col Cambridge
106 Pembroke Col Oxford and Christ Church Oxford 
106 Pembroke Col Oxford and Christ Church OxfordHQR_06_2832, HQR_06_2833, HQR_06_2834, HQR_06_2835, HQR_06_2836, HQR_06_2837, HQR_06_2838, HQR_06_2839, HQR_06_2840, HQR_06_2841, HQR_06_2842, HQR_06_2843, HQR_06_2844, HQR_06_2845, HQR_06_2846, HQR_06_2847, HQR_06_2848, HQR_06_2849, HQR_06_2850, HQR_06_2851, HQR_06_2852
107 Queens Col Cambridge 
107 Queens Col CambridgeHQR_06_2853, HQR_06_2854, HQR_06_2855, HQR_06_2856, HQR_06_2857, HQR_06_2858, HQR_06_2859, HQR_06_2860, HQR_06_2861, HQR_06_2862, HQR_06_2863, HQR_06_2864, HQR_06_2865, HQR_06_2866, HQR_06_2867, HQR_06_2868, HQR_06_2869, HQR_06_2870, HQR_06_2871, HQR_06_2872, HQR_06_2873, HQR_06_2874, HQR_06_2875, HQR_06_2876
108 Reading Univ 
108 Reading UnivHQR_06_2877, HQR_06_2878, HQR_06_2879, HQR_06_2880, HQR_06_2881, HQR_06_2882, HQR_06_2883, HQR_06_2884, HQR_06_2885, HQR_06_2886, HQR_06_2887, HQR_06_2888, HQR_06_2889, HQR_06_2890, HQR_06_2891, HQR_06_2892, HQR_06_2893, HQR_06_2894, HQR_06_2895, HQR_06_2896, HQR_06_2897, HQR_06_2898, HQR_06_2899, HQR_06_2900, HQR_06_2901, HQR_06_2902, HQR_06_2903
109 St Cuthberts Society Durham 
109 St Cuthberts Society DurhamHQR_06_2904, HQR_06_2905, HQR_06_2906, HQR_06_2907, HQR_06_2908, HQR_06_2909, HQR_06_2910, HQR_06_2911, HQR_06_2912, HQR_06_2913, HQR_06_2914, HQR_06_2915, HQR_06_2916, HQR_06_2917, HQR_06_2918, HQR_06_2919, HQR_06_2920, HQR_06_2921, HQR_06_2922, HQR_06_2923, HQR_06_2924, HQR_06_2925
110 St Johns High Sch USA 
110 St Johns High Sch USAHQR_06_2926, HQR_06_2927, HQR_06_2928, HQR_06_2929, HQR_06_2930, HQR_06_2931, HQR_06_2932, HQR_06_2933, HQR_06_2934, HQR_06_2935, HQR_06_2936, HQR_06_2937, HQR_06_2938, HQR_06_2939, HQR_06_2940, HQR_06_2941, HQR_06_2942, HQR_06_2943, HQR_06_2944, HQR_06_2945, HQR_06_2946, HQR_06_2947, HQR_06_2948, HQR_06_2949
111 St Pauls Sch 
111 St Pauls SchHQR_06_2950, HQR_06_2951, HQR_06_2952, HQR_06_2953, HQR_06_2954, HQR_06_2955, HQR_06_2956, HQR_06_2957, HQR_06_2958, HQR_06_2959, HQR_06_2960, HQR_06_2961, HQR_06_2962, HQR_06_2963, HQR_06_2964, HQR_06_2965, HQR_06_2966, HQR_06_2967, HQR_06_2968, HQR_06_2969, HQR_06_2970
113 Southampton Univ B 
113 Southampton Univ BHQR_06_2971, HQR_06_2972, HQR_06_2973, HQR_06_2974, HQR_06_2975, HQR_06_2976, HQR_06_2977, HQR_06_2978, HQR_06_2979, HQR_06_2980, HQR_06_2982, HQR_06_2983, HQR_06_2984, HQR_06_2985, HQR_06_2986, HQR_06_2987, HQR_06_2988, HQR_06_2989, HQR_06_2990, HQR_06_2991, HQR_06_2992, HQR_06_2993, HQR_06_2994, HQR_06_2995, HQR_06_2996, HQR_06_2997, HQR_06_2998
115 Trinity Col Oxford 
115 Trinity Col OxfordHQR_06_2999, HQR_06_3000, HQR_06_3001, HQR_06_3002, HQR_06_3003, HQR_06_3004, HQR_06_3005, HQR_06_3006, HQR_06_3007, HQR_06_3008, HQR_06_3009, HQR_06_3010, HQR_06_3011, HQR_06_3012, HQR_06_3013, HQR_06_3014, HQR_06_3015, HQR_06_3016, HQR_06_3017, HQR_06_3018, HQR_06_3019, HQR_06_3020
117 University Col London 
117 University Col LondonHQR_06_3021, HQR_06_3022, HQR_06_3023, HQR_06_3024, HQR_06_3025, HQR_06_3026, HQR_06_3027, HQR_06_3028, HQR_06_3029, HQR_06_3030, HQR_06_3031, HQR_06_3032, HQR_06_3033, HQR_06_3034, HQR_06_3035, HQR_06_3036, HQR_06_3037, HQR_06_3038, HQR_06_3039, HQR_06_3040
118 Univ of Birmingham A 
118 Univ of Birmingham AHQR_06_3041, HQR_06_3042, HQR_06_3043, HQR_06_3044, HQR_06_3045, HQR_06_3046, HQR_06_3047, HQR_06_3048, HQR_06_3049, HQR_06_3050, HQR_06_3051, HQR_06_3052, HQR_06_3053, HQR_06_3054, HQR_06_3055, HQR_06_3056, HQR_06_3057, HQR_06_3058, HQR_06_3059
119 Univ of Birmingham B 
119 Univ of Birmingham BHQR_06_3060, HQR_06_3061, HQR_06_3062, HQR_06_3063, HQR_06_3064, HQR_06_3065, HQR_06_3066, HQR_06_3067, HQR_06_3068, HQR_06_3069, HQR_06_3070, HQR_06_3071, HQR_06_3072, HQR_06_3073, HQR_06_3074, HQR_06_3075, HQR_06_3076, HQR_06_3077, HQR_06_3078, HQR_06_3079, HQR_06_3080, HQR_06_3081, HQR_06_3082, HQR_06_3083, HQR_06_3084, HQR_06_3085
121 Univ of Bristol B 
121 Univ of Bristol B
124 Univ of West of England B 
124 Univ of West of England BHQR_06_3086, HQR_06_3087, HQR_06_3088, HQR_06_3089, HQR_06_3090, HQR_06_3091, HQR_06_3092, HQR_06_3093, HQR_06_3094, HQR_06_3095, HQR_06_3097, HQR_06_3098, HQR_06_3099, HQR_06_3100, HQR_06_3101, HQR_06_3102, HQR_06_3103, HQR_06_3104, HQR_06_3105, HQR_06_3106, HQR_06_3107, HQR_06_3108
125 Univ of Warwick 
125 Univ of WarwickHQR_06_3109, HQR_06_3110, HQR_06_3111, HQR_06_3112, HQR_06_3113, HQR_06_3114, HQR_06_3115, HQR_06_3116, HQR_06_3117, HQR_06_3118, HQR_06_3119, HQR_06_3120, HQR_06_3121, HQR_06_3122, HQR_06_3123, HQR_06_3124, HQR_06_3125, HQR_06_3126, HQR_06_3127, HQR_06_3128
126 Univ of York 
126 Univ of YorkHQR_06_3129, HQR_06_3130, HQR_06_3131, HQR_06_3132, HQR_06_3133, HQR_06_3134, HQR_06_3135, HQR_06_3136, HQR_06_3137, HQR_06_3138, HQR_06_3139, HQR_06_3140, HQR_06_3141, HQR_06_3142, HQR_06_3143, HQR_06_3144, HQR_06_3145, HQR_06_3146, HQR_06_3147, HQR_06_3148
129 Bedford Sch 
129 Bedford SchHQR_06_3176, HQR_06_3177, HQR_06_3178, HQR_06_3179, HQR_06_3180, HQR_06_3181, HQR_06_3182, HQR_06_3183, HQR_06_3184, HQR_06_3185, HQR_06_3186, HQR_06_3187, HQR_06_3188, HQR_06_3189, HQR_06_3190, HQR_06_3191, HQR_06_3192, HQR_06_3193, HQR_06_3194, HQR_06_3195, HQR_06_3196, HQR_06_3197, HQR_06_3198
132 Cheltenham Col 
132 Cheltenham ColHQR_06_3199, HQR_06_3200, HQR_06_3201, HQR_06_3202, HQR_06_3203, HQR_06_3204, HQR_06_3205, HQR_06_3206
137 Kings Col Sch 
137 Kings Col SchHQR_06_3223, HQR_06_3224, HQR_06_3225, HQR_06_3226, HQR_06_3227, HQR_06_3228, HQR_06_3229, HQR_06_3230, HQR_06_3231, HQR_06_3232, HQR_06_3233, HQR_06_3234, HQR_06_3235, HQR_06_3236, HQR_06_3237, HQR_06_3238, HQR_06_3239, HQR_06_3240, HQR_06_3241, HQR_06_3242, HQR_06_3243, HQR_06_3244, HQR_06_3245, HQR_06_3246
138 Kingston GS 
138 Kingston GSHQR_06_3247, HQR_06_3248, HQR_06_3249, HQR_06_3250, HQR_06_3251, HQR_06_3252, HQR_06_3253, HQR_06_3254, HQR_06_3255, HQR_06_3256, HQR_06_3257, HQR_06_3258, HQR_06_3259, HQR_06_3260, HQR_06_3261, HQR_06_3262, HQR_06_3263, HQR_06_3264, HQR_06_3265, HQR_06_3266, HQR_06_3267, HQR_06_3268, HQR_06_3269, HQR_06_3270, HQR_06_3271, HQR_06_3272
140 Monkton Combe Sch 
140 Monkton Combe SchHQR_06_3273, HQR_06_3274, HQR_06_3275, HQR_06_3276, HQR_06_3277, HQR_06_3278, HQR_06_3279, HQR_06_3280, HQR_06_3282, HQR_06_3283, HQR_06_3284, HQR_06_3285, HQR_06_3286, HQR_06_3287, HQR_06_3288, HQR_06_3289, HQR_06_3290, HQR_06_3291, HQR_06_3292, HQR_06_3293
142 Oundle Sch 
142 Oundle SchHQR_06_3294, HQR_06_3295, HQR_06_3296, HQR_06_3297, HQR_06_3298, HQR_06_3299, HQR_06_3300, HQR_06_3301, HQR_06_3302, HQR_06_3303, HQR_06_3304, HQR_06_3305, HQR_06_3306, HQR_06_3307, HQR_06_3308, HQR_06_3309, HQR_06_3310, HQR_06_3311, HQR_06_3312, HQR_06_3313, HQR_06_3314, HQR_06_3315, HQR_06_3316, HQR_06_3317
146 Reading Blue Coat Sch 
146 Reading Blue Coat SchHQR_06_3318, HQR_06_3319, HQR_06_3320, HQR_06_3321, HQR_06_3322, HQR_06_3323, HQR_06_3324, HQR_06_3325, HQR_06_3326, HQR_06_3327, HQR_06_3328, HQR_06_3329, HQR_06_3330, HQR_06_3331, HQR_06_3332, HQR_06_3333, HQR_06_3334, HQR_06_3335, HQR_06_3336, HQR_06_3337, HQR_06_3338, HQR_06_3339, HQR_06_3340, HQR_06_3341, HQR_06_3342, HQR_06_3343
147 Royal Belfast Academical Institution 
147 Royal Belfast Academical Institution
148 RGS Worcester 
148 RGS WorcesterHQR_06_3344, HQR_06_3345, HQR_06_3346, HQR_06_3347, HQR_06_3348, HQR_06_3349, HQR_06_3350, HQR_06_3351, HQR_06_3352, HQR_06_3353, HQR_06_3354, HQR_06_3355, HQR_06_3356, HQR_06_3357, HQR_06_3358, HQR_06_3359, HQR_06_3360, HQR_06_3361, HQR_06_3362, HQR_06_3363, HQR_06_3364, HQR_06_3365, HQR_06_3366, HQR_06_3367, HQR_06_3368, HQR_06_3369, HQR_06_3370
162 Tiffin Sch 
162 Tiffin SchHQR_06_3371, HQR_06_3372, HQR_06_3373, HQR_06_3374, HQR_06_3375, HQR_06_3376, HQR_06_3377, HQR_06_3378, HQR_06_3379, HQR_06_3380, HQR_06_3381, HQR_06_3382, HQR_06_3383, HQR_06_3384, HQR_06_3385, HQR_06_3386, HQR_06_3387, HQR_06_3388, HQR_06_3389, HQR_06_3390, HQR_06_3391, HQR_06_3392, HQR_06_3393
UlyssesHQR_06_1338, HQR_06_1339, HQR_06_1340, HQR_06_1341, HQR_06_1342
The Ferryman


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